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Underground Haunting

A friendly PG-13 supernatural & horror, text based, role-play forum. =)

roleplay, underground, haunting, horror, supernatural, forum, demons, monsters, creatures, ghosts, spirits, #tunnels, village, role, play, text, friendly, ercreia


Urban Decay is an online community for urban explorers and urbex.

urban, exploration, kent, decay, urbex, community, explorers, ramsgate, margate, broadstairs, photography, asylum, disused, access, desertion, tunnel, #tunnels, underground, dover, school, college, cran


A role-playing world set in Ken St. Andre's Tunnels and Trolls. Trollheim uses the 7. 5 edition rules, you will need a copy of the rules to play.

trollheim, role-playing, world, andre's, #tunnels, trolls, uses, edition, rules, will, need, copy, play

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